Monday, June 9, 2014

♫♪ #MetalMonday - Crashdiet

whats up! this is my first post in a section of my blog called "Metal Monday"
i plan to post in this section every monday this year :)
years ago is when i realized that not alot of people have the same music taste as i do and don't know about a lot of the bands i like, so i figured i should finally start telling some stories!
i don't listen to the more popular genres of metal very often,
most people i know are more into "-core" bands,
but i'm not!
in this section of my blog, i want to talk about more oldschool styles of rock and metal, both classics and newer bands.
i'm going to start out with posting about my most recent favorite, 
a band called Crashdïet hailing from Sweden!
Simon Cruz is part of the inspiration for me to finally get a mohawk this year
i found out about this band while streaming on my favorite internet radio site,, about 2 years ago now. the first song i heard was "Generation Wild" from thier album of the same name.
i was immediately hooked.
when i first heard them, it reminded my old favorite bands i used to listen to when i was first getting into hard rock and metal, which was mostly 80's glam bands like Motley Crue, W.A.S.P. and Cinderella. 
The track "Native Nature" from this album reminds me a lot of Skid Row.
and if you know anything about me, that's a very good thing.
as far as i've read, Crashdiet has actually been around since 2000,
then disbanded, then was reformed with the current line up minus one...
this band was started by the late & great Dave Lepard (seen in video above) who is unfortunately deceased as of 2006. the band wasn't going to continue after that, but after a few months they decided to continue as a band and get a new singer to carry on Dave's legacy.
Crashdiet was one of the first original Glam Metal bands outside of the 80's Glam realm, which is often refered to as "Sleaze Rock" 
i wonder if that's because Crashdiet has an album titled "Rest in Sleaze"
since Dave's death, Crashdiet has had 2 vocalists.
the first was "H. Olliver Twisted" better known as Olli Herman from Reckless Love
a Finnish band i also include in the modern Glam movement
this is a video of Crashdiet with Olli on Vocals
they only completed one album with Olli before letting him go, as he was much more committed to Reckless Love and making his own music.
although Crashdiet did not at all lose thier sound with Olli in the band, if you listen to Reckless Love, you'll see why he was a little out of place.
Reckless Love is what they call "Merry Metal" which is very upbeat, happy and very pop.
Crashdiet is heavier in both musical styling and subject matter, and a little punk.
it's like asking Bret Michaels to sing in Motley Crue...he's a good singer, so he could probably do it, but it just wouldnt work out in the end.
and then we have Simon Cruz...
he has become one of my favorite vocalists.
Simon was supposedly thier first choice for new vox even before they brought in Olli, 
but he denied thier extended hand the first time they offered.
i'm so glad  he said "yes" the second time.
i feel that he's a perfect addition to the band, and i love his hair!
he's probably my hair idol haha
he definately brought a little punk rock to the band.
i was excited to hear that he had more input on the more current record "Savage Playground"
the song above is one that Simon's said to have written with his friend from Paris
i wish i had the lyrics!
it's a bonus track, but one of my favorites from the album
the others that i loved are "Garden of Babylon" and "Sin City"
i truely, dearly, and passionately hope that they come to the US soon, i would love to see them live in concert! they seem like such cool guys and from live videos i've seen, also great preformers.
even if they don't come to my city,
you know my little gypsy ass will travel far and wide for a good show!
when they make it back to America,
you better believe i'll be on a bus to somewhere!
thanks for reading my first editon of "Metal Monday"
and i hope you enjoyed it! 
there will be more to come,
so keep coming back for more!

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