Monday, June 16, 2014

having a bad day. ugh :(

nothing makes me more anxious than when things dont work right.
and nothing is working correctly.
just a bad day.
i'm starving and i have no idea where any of the food in our house is, because we fogged it and now everythings in the wrong place because no one put anything back.
my mouse on my computer randomly stopped working and it took me 10 minutes to turn it back on only using tab and arrow keys.
then lost the new blog banner i was making in photoshop
that i'd be working on for like 2 days off and on.
i saved the .PSD at least 4 times and it's just not even there.
probably because my computer randomly updated,
and every time it "updates" it bluescreens until i recover it to before the fucking update.
pain in the ass.
my phone keeps freezing. 
computer keeps freezing.
and now it's fucking storming and i hate storms.
and i leave for work in an hour so i probably get to walk in that...
hopefully i can stop somewhere for food.
thank god i work in a mall.
but i don't really have any desire to work at my job anymore...they change things constantly and keep flipping my schedule, its fucking me all the way up.
how do you give someone the same schedule for months and change it without warning? 
and not even go back to my original schedule?
plus we've had a broken sink there for like 2 weeks....
i'm dreading it.
i'm trying to find another job, hopefully in retail...
i honestly do like the job itsself,
but the way its run...i just fucking can't.
it's literally driving me i n s a n e.
 i like change when it comes to myself and things,
but when it comes to my job,
and making constant BIG changes
to basically  e v e r y t h i n g
ugh. i just don't have any more drive to work there...
i want to work somewhere where i'll be treated fairly and that'll actually be consistant.
i'm just having a bad fucking day dude.
none of this is making it better.
at least it looks like i have a chance at a second job at Journey's...
i can only hope.

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