Monday, June 16, 2014

♫♪ #MetalMonday - 10 of my favorite Metal covers songs!

this week i wanted to post about cover songs.
because i love them!
there's something completely amazing to me about a band taking a song and making it thier own,
+ a surprising lot of my actual favorite songs happen to be covers!
there'll be a bunch of different bands in here, so enter with both open minds and ears :)
some old, some a little newer.
here we go!
starting with...
Disturbed - Land of Confusion (originally by Phil Collins / Genesis)
When this cover came out, i had just purchased my first vinyl record, which was a Phil Collins record. i was obsessed with it to say the least. a couple weeks after, Disturbed put out this song. at the time i was on a Genesis kick musically and Disturbed was one of my favorite bands, so i felt like my life was coming together...haha. but seriously, i have not heard any other artist cover a Genesis song as successfully as Disturbed. David Draiman does kind of sound like a Metal Phil Collins...haha. perfect cover. 
Helia - Alejandro (originally by Lady Gaga)
so, there was this fad that started in like 2005 where all of these screamo scene bands started making covers of girly pop and rap songs (i blame you, I Set My Friends On Fire) and i dont think anything too extremely good came out of that fad. but this metalcore cover of Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" will always get a thumbs up for me. this is probably the wrong place to be admitting i'm a fan of Lady Gaga...
Pantera - Cat Scratch Fever (originally by Ted Nugent)
as long as it doesnt have to do with politics, i love Ted Nugent. thankfully, Pantera didn't give a single fuck about politics, so i can listen to this cover without having to think about random shit like gun rights. On the other hand, so much for not thinking about random shit...this song is totally awkward to me. isn't cat scratch fever about some sort of infection you get from an actual cat scratch? but it's sang like it's more of a sexual thing...was Ted Nugent fucking cats? FOR FREE? actually, don't answer that. i just like the riff, no further discussion. PLEASE. haha.
HIM - "Wicked Game" (originally by Chris Isaac)
everyone knows this song, even though the only time it gets radio play is during the night they play covers on WEBN and then the DJ says something mean about them. and thats when i yell at the radio, because i LOVE this band. i also love this cover, they totally make it thier own. this wont be the last time you see them in this post either. they've got some great ones! i believe Ville has a signed photo from Chris Isaac, fun fact!
Metallica - "Stone Cold Crazy"  (originally by Queen)
this is one of my all-time favorite songs by Metallica if not my #1 and it's a cover. the original is by Queen, and i didn't know that until it was on the radio one day when i was maybe 15 and my mom recognized it...and my mom, of course, doesnt listen to Metallica. I love that its so fast, and the drums are fun. and the solo's make my heart sing...or just makes me sing. i'm one of those annoying people who sing guitar solos.
HIM - "Rendezvous With Anus" (originally by TurboNegro)
if you're not familiar with Turbonegro, you could call them a punk band at least for thier earlier stuff, like the original of this song. which sounds VERY different than HIM's version. i love both, but everyone knows that HIM has my heart. I knew this cover before i ever heard the original, that's how i found out about Turbonegro in the first place. I'm so bashful, that i sometimes can't listen to this song with a straight face, even at 21 years old.
BODY COUNT - Institutionalized (originally by Suicidal Tendencies)
this is more of a Parody than a cover, but i count it. the original song was made in the 80s. and this cover/parody is NEW! wow, i posted something thats not already 3+ years old? i'm progressing, people! this is pretty hilarious, i absolutely love it. my favorite lines are "I DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT OPRAH, OPRAH AINT GOT NO MAN." and  "FUCK A VEGAN, I COULD GIVE A FUCK IF YOU EAT SAWDUST, MOTHAFUCKA" just modern gold. gold. i watch a lot of Law & Order: SVU so sometimes i forget that Ice T is actually in a band. and I'm sure 85% of guys between the ages of 16 and 50 can relate to this song in some way or another.
Anthrax - "Got The Time" (originally by Joe Jackson)
words cant explain my love for this cover. this was the first song i tried to learn on bass, i practically live for that bass intro riff and the solo. i don't remember how to play it now, but it's fun to relearn it. this song isn't too far off from the original, but still a perfect rendition in my eyes. i believe Joe Jackson him self agreed that it was a good version of the song, and he did the original! f-yeah, Anthrax!
Five Finger Death Punch - Bad Company (originally by Bad Company)
i have mixed feelings about the band its self, and i don't know much about them, but i definately love this cover. The original song by a band of the same name is already legendary in itsself, and a little heavy, so as usual, covering it as a "big name" band could either get you theoretically beat up or literally loved and respected. i dont love FFDP, but i do love this cover. 
HIM - "Larger Than Life" (originally by the Backstreet Boys)
i saved my favorite, and most nostalgic, for last. i proclaim it often enough that HIM is my all time favorite band. (don't judge me. i'm biologically a woman, i can't help it!) when i first got into them, my mom was constantly questioning me because i drew the heartagram on everything. i told her that they were like "Black Sabbath meets Backstreet Boys" and 5 years later, i found this. i was in shock, and so excited, and forced my mom to watch it and she laughed. i think its just awesome. there's a lot of HIM in this list, and its because i love not only the band, but how well they can cover a song.
because i LOVE cover songs.
i might do a second editon of covers in a month or so.
comment some of your favorites if you'd like, i might include them!
thanks for checking out my 2nd week of Metal Monday!
hopefully you'll check back for next week :)

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