Monday, June 23, 2014

♫♪ #MetalMonday - You need some Lovacaine in your life.

So get some!
This, my friends, is Lovacaine:
get it, like Love + Novacaine?
i thought that was genius, idk about you guys.
they're a band from Florida, here in the U.S.A.
i know, it's a miracle, i like a band from MY OWN country?!
that up there is my favorite song by them :)
these guys remind so impecably of The 69 Eyes, it's crazy. and you can hear a little HIM in those riffs too.
they site them as inflences, as well as Type O Negative and Lacrimas Profundere...another 2 bands i happen to love.
there's nothing i admire more than people who wear thier influences on thier sleeves, and these guys do it proudly while still having thier own sound.
in March, i followed the band HIM around a little while they were on tour in the US still, since they didn't come to my city. i went back to Atlanta like i did last year, then i ventured to Florida for the first time. I accidentally went to Disneyland...who'd have thought that's where House of Blues was? i was such an obvious tourist with my mohawk and my aviator shades...anyway. After that concert (which was AMAAAAZING by the way) i was walking around looking for people i knew (which was a surprisingly amount) to see if anyone wanted to stalk the tour bus. that was a bust. but i hung around a little bit longer. after i gave up on the busses, i started walking back. this short-ish guy with a goatee, a black work shirt on and long shorts stopped me and handed me a contact card, which happened to be for Lovacaine. I'm usually skeptical of any US bands (not an elitist, just a little metalcorephobicbut they seemed legit. plus, i'm a die-hard HIM fan. that's my favorite band...that's pretty much everyonewhowasthere's favorite band. if they have the balls to advertise at a HIM concert, they're worth listening to.
and they were!
we all know i love me some Goth n' Roll.
i thought it was awesome that i finally found a band like this in the states, and i let them know that too. they deserve to know someone values thier craft!
plus, cool points for Johnny's video singing to Lacrimas Profundere with Bam Margera in 2012
And thier official video for "No Escape" directed by Brandon Novak and he's in it too!
i'm a sap for anything Jackass/Viva La Bam/cKy related.
anything involving them makes things automatically nostalgic for me.
also, (i think that's the guitar player) maybe it's just me, but does he or does he not look like Rob Vitacca? maybe it's just me.
if you liked this band, you can check them out all over the web:
check it out!
thanks for reading this week's #MetalMonday post :) next week i'm gonna post a "battle of the bands" type of thing...that'll be interesting :) 

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