Sunday, July 6, 2014

✎ ℝealityℂheck ✔ - 4th of July Weekend [[+drunk video]]

yay, a bunch of foreigners came here, enslaved and killed most of the natives and shoved the rest into random deserted places, 
then brought more foreigners over to enslave,
 just to make it illegal to be foreign in the first place decades later. 
i really dont give a crap about this messed up country 
and i think red, white and blue is kind of an ugly color combination.

i really just want to party.
- me, via facebook
so that's what i did :D 
me & my best friend Valerie missed each other, 
so we hung out and had some friend time :)
it started with going to IHOP, and then to Kroger
and we bought the alcohol pictured above and strawberries and tropical fruit Smirnoff :D i mixed all 3 together and it was so good ♥
the bottle is huge so it'll last me a while.
we got bored and made a video while my laptop was still charged
now you all will understand why people always comment about the faces i make xD
and how scared i am of fireworks...
most of the night consisted of us drinking in my back yard,
yeah, we really did buy turnips...
that video happened because we were gonna be SuPeR kEwL and post a picture with our liquor and i pressed record instead of snapshot because i'm stupid lol
i supposedly was singing to Reckless Love and dancing with plastic bags and falling over at some point that i don't remember very well xD
eventually Nick came and swooped us away and we watched TV for a while and goofed around in his basement, i mostly remember laying on the floor and laughing, but not what i was laughing about???
i'm such a winner.
and then i guess me and Valerie thought we were British on the way to her house and were talking in British accents for a while...which i remember being authentic and hilarious
it was probably slurry and pathetic >_>
i said something like "All we have at home is tea and crumpets, while this taco bell in america has chicken nuggets! we've got to travel more often!" or something like that, it was ridiculous, but so fun xD
i spent the night at her house, we watched anime and i snuggled her cat all night :)
then it was her dad's birthday so we made him a cake.
my stomach was hurting so i left eventually,
of course right when i get home, 
everything goes downhill.
i somehow made a bunch of people mad, which to be honest, made no sense to me...
i'd always thought Warped Tour was the 17th, i'd been planning to go for honestly a year, but wasnt serious until the winter when i saw the line up, because i wanted to see Parkway Drive.

after i found out my boss was going on vacation starting the 17th, i've been iffy about it in the first place, waiting to hear back for an OK to get off work so i could purchase my ticket.

when my friend asked me to meet up, i told her my boss was going on vacation the week of the 17th, because they are, so we were going to the 16th because it would be easy for me to get off that day, during the week of the 17th, i may have no choice but to work.

today, i found out that Warped was actually the 16th when i was at Valeries, since she was wanting to go too, but work was screwing our hours so she can't afford to.
my initial reaction was "oh shit, i've had the date wrong this whole time" 
mainly because it overlapped with my friends event helping to plan her wedding.
that being said, Warped Tour was always replaceable.
i mean i haven't gone since i was like 13 and only stayed for an hour. 

i posted a status on Facebook since my friends attending WT as well are on my friendslist,
so they would know i couldnt go. which couldve ended up a disaster in the first place, because a lot of the people i know that are going all dislike eachother, i couldnt hang out with them all at once.
which was why i was initially going to go alone when i planned to go.

i had no problem with my bride-to-be friend seeing the status,
when i found out Warped was the same day as helping her plan, i called off WT altogether.
i'm apparently some selfish "emo" now and trying to take my friend's day away...
and because i didn't know what to call what we'd be doing, apparently i'm saying things wrong too.
at first i was sad about it because it was misunderstood,
as said in previous posts, if i'm not wanted somewhere then i gladly back away.
i was online via cell phone so not everything was showing up for me.
it felt like i wasnt wanted there and i saw a "like" on her comment so i figured someone else didn't want me there too, didn't know who yet because i was on my cell, it wouldnt have showed me if i tried to look.
after it did pop up, i was just enraged and felt pretty attacked to be honest,
i tried to explain what i meant and was told i was "being emo" and that i was i was being "confronted" that its "HER day not mine" but they said they werent going off on me...
you don't confront people unless you have an issue with them, you don't accuse somebody of trying to steal someones spot light unless you're trying to fight with them...
especially after i explained what i meant, i just get a shaken head and said "i'm done"
...are those NOT words you say when you're fighting with somebody or did i miss something somewhere?
if anything, youd think they'd be happy i chose them over a concert when i found out i accidentally double scheduled, how would i be stealing someone elses day when i chose them?
and apparently they're not the only ones who thought i was "acting like i'm being forced to do something i don't want to do"
.......ok, how much i love concerts is common knowledge. if i'm willing to miss a huge concert for someone, wouldn't you think that meant something? 
i guess not..
even though i planned to go to the concert first, 
i made clear note that i wasn't going to go because i thought she was more important.
they took the status wrong and i guess were still mad after i explained,
and now i guess everyone in that group doesnt like me.
i feel like i got slapped hard in the face.
so now, i'm not going to either one :D
so now instead of upsetting 1 group of people or 4, i can just upset all 5
i never was a people pleaser, anyway.

so, if someone could smack the shit out of me every time i even think about putting someone else first again, that would be great.

i think i'm just going to go back into my hermit shell soon,
i can't bother anybody in there...

then i can harden up again and not have a soft spot for anyone but my boyfriend :) just the way it should be.
gotta start taking my own advice again.

"no one can hurt you, if you're alone"
"dont care about what people think of you unless its positive"

hopefully i'll feel better tomorrow.
my boyfriend starts a 3rd shift job in 2 days, so it'll be one of the last nights we'll get to hang out during.
we always find a way to see eachother, so i have faith.
i'll prove to him that this isn't going to be as bad as he thinks.