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♫♪ #MetalMonday - 10 more awesome Metal cover songs!

i'm back! sorry about not posting last week, i still need to make up for that 
(for the people who read it anyway lol)
as you know, i love covers, and i wanted to come back with some more!
so here's 10 more of my favorite Metal covers
starting with...
"Cinnamon Girl" by Type O Negative (originally by Neil Young)
this was actually the first song i ever heard by Type O Negative. I found out it was a cover when i looked up the lyrics. A year or two later I finally listened to the original, and thought "Wow, that's a stretch!" at least to me, anyway. Type O Negative is another band that could do no wrong with a cover song. i believe there is two versions they did, this one being my favorite of the two. i adore the drums.
and don't critisize me for not knowing who Neil Young was, critisize my mom!
"The Monster" by Andrew Baena + Brian Storm (originally by Rihanna & Eminem)
this one's for my Metalcore kids! i was looking up Metalcore covers to see if there was anything good. i originally was clicking on the cover of "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus (by the same people) but my computer spazzed and i clicked this instead. i was skeptical anyway seeing "metalcore" and "djent" in the same title, but i think its a nice fusion...i can hear both influences, i actually really liked this. the reason i was going to listen to "Wrecking Ball" initially is because i've heard that song before, i don't know the original song for this cover period. so i cant judge it as a cover, but i actually like the song they did.
but don't get your hopes up, i'm not coming to the dark side.
"Low Rider a.k.a "The George Lopez Theme Song" by Exodus (originally by Wars)
 i would've expected Anthrax to do this song, but because it's Exodus, i'm just dying laughing. i can't even take it seriously, hahaha i love it. in case you wanted to laugh your ass off today, imagine a Metal version of the George Lopez sitcom while you listen to this.
"Prowler" by Black Tide (originally by Iron Maiden)
this is the version of Black Tide that i miss, they were once a thrashy speed metal band that covered songs by Iron Maiden and Metallica...they joined the dark side and started making metalcore since then, but still kept thier more oldschool influence in there. and most of the members have been replaced now i guess, i think the only original member now is the singer. shit happens, i guess! still a great cover, still make good music for the most part...the politics of the band i'm going to leave out. i'm starting to have the same relationship with this band as i do with Ted Nugent...
"Die, Die, Die My Darling" by Metallica (originally by Misfits)
i learned about metal and rock music solely through the radio during the beginning of my pre-teen and teenage years, Metallica was my favorite band. And by "favorite band," i mean that i knew every single they ever realeased. it definately helps that WEBN in my city is known for playing "too much Metallica" (as if you can play too much Metallica...) it helped that every night at 10PM they have a show called "Mandatory Metallica" where they played only Metallica, which i listened to religously from when i was 12 until i was 16...i only stopped because my walkman broke. ANYWAY, this was one of my favorite songs, it was so catchy and just sounded cool to me. i was an angsty teenager, can you blame me? i didn't know who the Misfits were until i was in High School. A friend of mine had a Misfits shirt on and i said it was cool, she sent me a link on Myspace to listen to thier songs, and what do you know...they did the original!
as you can tell, i have always been out of the loop.
i was a sheltered child, BLAME MY MOM
"Oops I Did It Again" by Children of Bodom (originally by Brittany Spears)
this is not a favorite, honestly. i've tried to forget about it, but i can't. you know, you'd think i'd like this since i have this strange obsession with Finland and all of thier music. and since i enjoyed HIM's Backstreet Boys cover song, you would think that this would be right up there with it...
W R O N G !
its not that i hate it, i don't, but when i heard this for the first time when i was 15, 
i turned it on, and after about 45 seconds i tilted my head and said "What the fuck?" out loud.
it confuses my ears, it's pretty hilarious.
"Hand of Doom" by HIM (originally by Black Sabbath)
ah, they were so young. i can't leave out my favorite band! i thought this cover was great, smooth sailing. and the only version of it is a live recording. HIM is an amazing live band, i've seen them 4 times now and each concert was perfect. almost every cover i've heard by them was perfect. Ville, thier singer, has said in countless interviews that they "started a band so they could be like Black Sabbath" and i think this pays a great homage to them. plus, thier guitarist, Linde, married Tony Iomii's daughter. i think HIM won the game of life. 
"Smooth Criminal" by Alien Ant Farm (originally by Michael Jackson)
this was the first music video i ever saw. i snuck on MTV before school since it was 3 channels away from ABC Family where i was watching Digimon, i got a commercial and my grandma left the room and i saw it. i was in the 2nd grade, i somehow have always remembered all the words to it and the song that played right after (which was Shakira's "Whenever, Whenever" if you were curious) and i sang it for years. i had no idea who Michael Jackson was until years later (again, blame my mom!) but when i heard it i freaked out all excited and sang along, my mom looked at me like i was nuts because she knew damn well i shouldnt have known that song....OOPS. i'll always love it. loved it even more after hearing the original!
Metallica Medly by Sum41
This little medly featuring "For Whom the Bell Toles," "Enter Sandman," and "Master of Puppets" was on this awards show thing that i never watched but heard about because Avril Lavigne was in it and i used to be in love with her. To be honest, i've never liked Sum 41, i don't know anything about them, really. i think of them as some pop-punk band that all of the other generic pop-punk bands try to sound like. oops, H8 ON iT. but my boyfriend likes them. in his attempts to have me join in on his liking of this band, he showed me this cover medly. because of my bias, i thought it was super impressive and cool since i would've never imagined this happening. plus, the guys in Metallica seemed to enjoy their preformance as well, it was pretty spot on.
...but i still don't like Sum 41.
"Dark Horse" by 10 Second Songs' Anthony Vincent in the style of Type O Negative (originally by Katy Perry + Juicy J)
first off, i just want to mention what a talented human being Anthony Vincent is. he has this YouTube channel called "10 Second Songs" where he covers songs in styles of everyone from Rappers to Slayer to Frank Sinatra...shit's crazy. He also has a band that i havent listened to yet. He did a 10 second song cover of "Dark Horse" by Katy Perry and had people vote on which style was thier favorite, and he'd preform the whole song in that style. System of a Down actually won, but Type O Negative was second favorite...he decided to cover the entire song in that style as well. 
in my opinion, he got Type O's style to the point through the whole song. from the eerie keyboard effects, to those Peter Steele bass notes, and that thrashy part in the middle where the rap originally was. GENIUS. it was so reminiscent of October Rust era. Type O Negative themselves posted it on their Facebook page to give him kudos! 
Type O Negative has been one of my favorite bands since i listened to them for the first time. I had the privelage of seeing them live in 2009 when i was 16, it was an amazing time for sure. they were perfect live. unfortunately Peter Steele died only months later, so the band didn't go on.
i miss them, and they'd never be the same without him.
but this cover was so perfect, it helps keep Peter's soul alive.
it felt very nostalgic to listen to.
i'm sure other ToN fans feel the same, i couldn't thank him enough for making that cover!
well, thanks for coming back for this #MetalMonday post! 
hopefully i'll be better at keeping up with it next week!
sorry i missed ya,

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