Thursday, July 24, 2014

update 7.24.2014 +vLog

my internet connection was out most of the week so i didn't get to update much besides the video i posted on YouTube monday night, but i'm snagging some from WiFi from my neighbor so i'm gonna try to type this very quickly! haha
tonight i finished all of my online work for my new job, so i am happy for that.
i read all of the PDFs and it looks like i can get some cool benefits there.

before that, i spent the day with Valerie and met her new puppy :) it's a cute little mixed breed, i love him! but he likes to bite xD
we went to a party type-of-thing tonight for Halloween Haunt where she works every fall, and i will hopefully be able to be a part of that this year as well as with my new job to earn extra money.
most of the people there seem to be really cool, so i hope i make it in :)
plus, if i do, Valerie has a chance to win a tablet in a contest, which would be rad!

maybe when i start my new job i can rent a house with a friend or two,
there's one across from my moms house that i like,
plus its close so i can steal her food...hehe
and of course stay close to my Grandma, i dont like being away from her

i made my 100th YouTube video too!
it is a video of myself singing in 5 different languages:
maybe some of you would enjoy that haha
i speak a little about my vocal training and the damage in my voice

the video is pretty much a progress video,
because my voice was nearly lost a couple of years ago to the point where i could hardly speak loud,
but i've reached the highest peak in my range out of any time in my life,
so that makes me feel accomplished :)
besides the cracking at times, i've got my singing voice almost completely back full course from where it was before...
prior to the damage, i was simply a soprano singer.
now, i can hit some alto notes :) even wail a little in homage to my 80's glam idols
my falsetto is smoother than ever, i can bounce back from low to high
and i even have a wide enough range to sing some HIM songs and i never could before!
i want to say i'm at 2 octaves, but i may be reaching to 3 now.
i still wish i could have surgery, but i can make due for now, i think.
hopefully i can start a band this year...
i still write songs and music and i hope to finally get it all out there
unfortunately no one in the USA likes hair metal anymore unless they're like 50 years old men trying to relive the glory days...i want to start it with people my own age haha
maybe someone out there will believe in me...

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