Sunday, September 20, 2015

Prototype: FAIRY BOXES (new)


these are what i call "Fairy Boxes,"
i came up with the idea in moments of browsing a local craft store.

i've always had my own "folklore" about fairies and i'll tell you the little story behind them.

"Fairies roam while you're asleep,
but their journey takes quite a while.
if you would like to lend a hand,
your friend can rest in style!

Inside this box is all they need:
cotton and felt, so they can sleep
a teddy bear, they'll love indeed
a fork and plate, so they can eat

a light bulb and mirror so they can see
and a flower to remind them of where they used to be

last but not least, some fairy dust
just to recharge, if they really must

as you can see, there are no locks
so your friend can always open this box

after they rest, they'll leave again
but your fairy will thank you in the end
positive vibes, to you, they'll send
for giving them a place to rest their head."

this poem, a long with an introduction to the fairy the box "belongs to" will be included with each one-of-a-kind Fairy Box to make it that much more personal.

i've made two so far, and people are already interested! i will be selling these (still deciding on where) soon, after i make more. 

If you like it, please leave a comment below!

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  1. Such a creative idea did you decide where to sell them?


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