Monday, September 21, 2015

♫♪ #MerryMetalMonday - Reckless Love!

this week is special because Reckless Love has a new single out now called "Keep It Up All Night" and...wait for it...they've made it available to stream in the USA through YouTube!
the song hasn't even been out for a week and it's infected me already, in true Reckless fashion.
Reckless Love is a "Merry Metal" band from Finland and one of the main forces in bringing back the 80's glam style back, or what vh1 has called "Pop Metal" back into the forefront. This is another band i learned about while streaming on The first song i heard was "Romance," which after that was my ringtone for 3 WHOLE YEARS! See what i mean? i was infected. 
Check it out:

i had no issue with hearing it every day, over and over, whenever someone needed me! If you watch the video, it almost looks like some kind of Glam Rock Gang War, and Olli's role as "Mr.Steal-Yo-Gurl" is definitely apparent, but in real life, he's got a drop dead GORGEOUS wife, and she actually stars in a Reckless Love video as well, called "Animal Attraction."
to the naked ear, it's another sleazy rock song about bangin' and being DTF 24/7, but then you realize that the woman in all of the different scenarios is the same woman, and that the woman is Olli's wife...then this becomes the cutest, most adorably, romantic, mushy song you've ever heard about sex in your entire life. They're such a cute couple!
as i learned more about the band, i found out Olli Herman is the same "H. Olliver Twisted" that was the vocalist of Crashdiet during the Unnatractive Revolution era, which shows a little versatility considering Reckless Love is much lighter of a band. In fact, Reckless Love is the reason he was no longer a part of Crashdiet, at least it worked out for the best! like i said before...if you put Bret Michaels in Motley Crue, it would work, but it wouldn't be right.

On top of that little part of history, Olli is also part of what i'd say qualifies as a "supergroup." It's called the local band, which is made up of Olli, Archie (Santa Cruz), Jussi69 and Alexi (Children of Bodom,) some of the biggest names and personalities in Finnish rock and metal. They had planned to only play one show, but this year they returned with a vengeance, playing a show right after Alexi's legendary 100 Guitars From Hel in Helsinki.

they recently had a merch sale and i got in on the action:
the irony of this purchase is that the shirt has images from their last album "Spirit," which is UNAVAILABLE in my country! They haven't even toured here in the USA yet...i have heard two of the singles from that album and i thought they were their best songs yet, so i definitely envy those of you who own the album!

Thankfully, Juge Heikkilä, the cinematographer of the "Night on Fire" video, uploaded this to his Vimeo which is viewable where i am, so i was really happy to see it.


for more of these guys, you can find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as their website

if you dig this as much as i do, look up support pages and help spread the word!
As we all know, a band can go anywhere with the right promotion :)

thanks for tuning in!