Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the poem he wrote me ♥

i never got to post this, he said i could a long time ago.. so here it is :) the famous poem that nicko wrote me nearly 2 years ago before we were dating.
it's really special and dear to me <3 so here it is, his "emotions on paper"

~Silent Love~
i first saw you, so innocent and so happy.
Having a chance? never crossed my mind.
I saw true love in your eyes.
But saying these words now only true in that line.
I see hurt covered by smiles.
and laugh covered lies.
Like waiting for nights tide you sit and think, you're bringing your own pain like you're waiting to sink.
I try to hold you up, but i think i'm falling to...hard but not in the same way as you.
I think about you every second. your all i want.
I want to feel your soft skin, you're sweet to my touch.
My feelings for you so strong, yet i'm simply another friend.
If you really could feel how i do toward you, its so hard to explain.
I will say nothing in fear to ruin,
I wish i could have your heart but it's already been taken.
Still no chance, i'm just another boy.
saying it'll be ok. you've heard it before.
Yes, I know no matter what. I say you've heard it all its all the same.
My love for you no one can break.
remember my words.
I wouldnt be a mistake...

my favorite piece of writing and always will be <3

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