Monday, May 10, 2010

Lyrics - The Heartless (cover)

sometimes i like to cover song lyrics, and edit them to tell a different story
i can tell you this story if it needs to be explained...
but in general, its me saying "i want you to only love me"
its a cover of "The Heartless" by HIM

Your pain ain't love

Can't you see she's the heartless
her pain is not love
You're taking it way too far
Don't you know it is wrong?
You're the one for me, baby
You are the one
If you'd only see in my heart
You'd know all is not lost

Your time is running out
And you still haven't made up your mind
Can't you see she's the heartless
And you're one of a kind

she's the heartless...

You can't see she's the heartless
Her pain won't ever be love
It doesn't matter how hard she tries
To her, all is lost...

she's the heartless...

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