Monday, October 10, 2011

i now have a stand-alone page for my pixels ^^

you can comment it for requests and it's got examples of what i can do, requests i've done, and a list of requests that are in progress :) check it out!←click

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  1. Yay Facebook page !! ♥♥
    I will find a way to log back on , eventually..... (>O<;;;)

    Sorry I haven't blogged or commented much, I was away to San Fransisco for the past days ~~ ♪
    A blog post about it coming tomorrow ~~

    And I saw that purple and black dress~!! Purple looks really good on you. Have you checked out the brands Love Culture or h.Naoto~? I met Naoto-san in person and spoke to him (in Japanese) for a while. He was nice ~!! Very....tall. It shocked me ! No wait....that's right, I'm SHORT. (>w<;;;)○ It was on my trip. I couldn't beleive he was in SanFranJapan.

    OMG you do pixels??? OMG :OO
    You are soo talented ~!!
    You did Rabbito-chan spot on muchly---!! It is possible you could do me~~?
    I used to obsessed with straight hair, but now I've finally accepted the curl, and I only straighten my bangs. *pats head* good girl me. xDD lol!
    My newest outfit was pale pastelblue/grayish skinny jeans, mis-matched pastely socks, random shoes (I forgot xDD probably old dirty pink converse or something.) I had big pink and blue headphones on xDD And a big pink hairbow at the same time!! :O I am one daring girl xDD
    I forgot what shirt....I think it was a black and white hoodie with bunny ears or something like that. I seriously NEED to document my outfits more.

    Thank you so, so much Aerichan ♥♥



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