Thursday, June 7, 2012

i got extensions...


i have mixed feelings about them. :x

i love the outfit i was wearing <3
got that skirt for a buck at DEB :) [bogo1$ sale, also got snakeskin wash pants!]
old blue tank from Max Rave

the extensions are synthetic,
i didn't have enough money for real hair xD
i've never been for extensions, because i've always had pride in having all of my hair actually on me...since all the girls that were black that  i knew had fake hair, it made me stand out. my hair actually used to be this long, but i cut it off in middle school and now it wont grow back :(
so i spent 24 bucks on this because i missed it..
they're hard to put in ahh >:o
idk how people do this every day!!

rivriv's posts in her extensions helped me get the courage to really get them, and melonie's swag helped too ;3
also got purple tunnels :D hellz yeahh