Friday, September 21, 2012

i was feeling green today :3


[[zombie hand clips | green shirt | green lip ring]]

see anything new?
you can see my new cut a little better,
and my orange is finally blonde now :D
and i got my coontails back in :)
yes, real ones...not clip ins!

everyone's giving me props for having the balls to legitimately cut my hair into a widows peak and dye stripes in it, and i guess i'm proud of it :)
that's something people have always said about me,
that i'm daring.
i feel like i'm just practical, but then again, i'm "wierd"
i go to concerts alone, dye my hair at random, wear crazy makeup, and dress however the f*** i want and go in public like that and i dont give a crap what people think about it.
i'm just me, and i've accepted that a long time ago.
i don't think there's anything wrong with it anymore,
and i don't think it makes me lower than anyone anymore.

i mean, weird 

what actually defines someone as "weird" anyway? 
different points of view, different hair color, music taste, 
skin tone, different clothes, tattoos 
or anything else that would count as a taboo? 
and the list goes on... 
but whats so bad about being "weird"? 
N  O  T  H  I  N  G.
i love it.
 and if you dont like "weird" people
...well shit
we dont like boring ass, close minded, uncreative, predictable people. 
so fuck the fuck off nigguh :)
we're good on youuuu.