Friday, May 16, 2014

✎ ℝealityℂheck ✔ - just hangin' out alone.[+OOTD]

"you have to figure this out in life.
what makes you the most uncomfortable?
what do you hate more:
being stared at or not being yourself?"
- a quote by yours truely

i chose my answer and i say it loud and clear.
with my voice
my style
my actions
and my pride

i'll never be anyone but me.

i was a little down since i saw a couple of my friends were meeting up, specifically in a place i go to alot, but neither of them thought to invite me even though i posted a few times that i was off that day..

Nick kept telling me i should just show up,
but i dont do that shit 
why show up somewhere that im not wanted?

it was raining most of the day anyway,
so i mostly stayed inside.
eventually i left to go get an icee 
 and a bowl from Chipotle 
i blame Valerie for that craving...
i used to hate chipotle with a passion.
when the one by me first opened,
every time i went the food was so dry and flavorless.
but now, its purrfect, saturated, flavorful and delicious ♥
i always get chicken, white rice, pico de gallo, cheese, sour cream and guacamole on mine and chips on the side. i eat the first few layers with chips like a dip and then eat the rice, chicken and leftover pico last with the rice. usually lasts me 2 days. its so amazing!!
i gotta go with Valerie again so we can get margaritas.
last time we went was only days before her birthday!
well, ciao for now,

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