Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Holidays...

#OOTD from yesterday; new jacket + Tripp NYC (thx Nick!)

I hate holidays, kind of always have. They just never go well. for example, me and my mom practically got into a fist fight on Thanksgiving. She always re-gifts me things in the most insulting way, like giving my sister something brand new and giving me socks she found under the washer. or my most upsetting, when she got me a PS2 for my birthday, took it away from me, lost it, then gave it back to me for Christmas. and she just thinks its so funny. i can't stand it.
I would go spend the Holiday with my dad but he doesn't need me anymore. he has Joey and Alex now, who needs daughters when you have new sons. they've been going to puerto rico together and never even invited me, Alex got married and didn't even invite me, now Sasha's pregnant and no one told me, i just had to see an album titled "Cribs" on my dad's facebook. and they're supposed to be my's like i don't even exist. and now there's gonna be a new baby that's not going to be mixed and is going to be bilingual like i should've been, what's the point of  me even existing?

my mom never wanted me and now my dad doesn't need me anymore. no wonder i had this fascination with orphans as a kid, i wish i were one. i'd rather wonder who my parents were and feel something than know who they are and feel nothing.
what a sad life i live, huh.
hope you're all doing better than i am.