Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lyrics - Never There

basically the theme for bad things happening in a relationship...
a good song written in a bad mood. i dedicate this song to my ex Travis, for being an ignorant douche.
i was thinking about something that happened a pretty long time ago because of something else that happened to remind me of it. i ended up writing a song.
its not finished, but here goes nothing.

(verse 1)
You’ve been on my mind for the past
3 weeks
You’ve been the reason that I cry myself
to sleep
By and by, as I close each eye
Waiting forever for a reply
All this sh*t I’m going through
Just to say I belong to you
I’ve been sobbing
‘pillow soaked
My head is throbbing
I’m anger provoked
I can’t decide, no matter how hard I try
I can’t deny
And you don’t know I…
…know you never realized
That I disappeared, from here
And you wont ever realize
Because I was never there, oh yeah
(verse 2)
You’ve been calling my house for the past

8 weeks
i'm wondering how lost you are
without me
By and by, as I open each eye
hoping to God you'll let go and let die
All that sh*t you put me through
Just to say I belong to you
You havent gone away and its been
5 years
why don't you back off and dry up
your tears
by and by, as i close each eye
writing songs to kill the time
thinking of all that sh*t you put me through
just to say i belong to you

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