Monday, November 30, 2009

Poem - I'm Sure (my oath to you)

you've been there for me since the very start
from the begging, you'd stolen my heart
the look in your eyes
from the very first time
showed me that your love
was the one i dreamt of

walking together with our fingers intertwined
saying goodbye with a soft kiss, so kind
"guess what? i love her" as your friends walk by
to tell others you love me, you've never been shy
i hear your heart beating whenever you, i see
its such a sweet thought that its beating...for me

laying together as we stare up at the sky
the stars reminisce the glimmer in your eye
"its strange what desire can make foolish people do"
its true, im a fool  for you
i'd cross my heart but its in your possession
adding each beat of my heart to your collection

you keep it safe and soothe it when sore
and i know every day you love me more
i adore you from the depths of my soul
its an ecstatic fact that you make me whole
i'm usually in doubt when in comes the thunder
but this time im sure and i know longer wonder

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  1. This is truly beautiful, you should make it into a song!


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