Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mystic Adoptables!

add some magic in your life and snag a mystic adoptable
make sure to put it in a safe place & may all your wishes come true :)


Bottled Butterflies
~each grants a different wish~

to wish for love in your life

to wish for the royalties in life

to wish for thoughts to flow like water in life

to wish for abundance and growth in life

to wish for more fire in life
Dark:   Light:   
Fairy Dust

Bottled Love Sprites
SweetLove Sprite:
for good luck in something sweet happening to you soon

FireLove Sprite:
 for good luck in finding a passionate connection in love

PoisonLove Sprite:
 for good luck in surviving a fatal attraction

MysticLove Sprite:
 for good luck in solving your love mystery

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