Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Poem - Lovesick Romantic

to me, i believe it was destiny
to see you lying here next to me

without a push or shove, i sing of our love
and unlike all of the others, on a higher octave

i have someone so beautiful that all will covet
something to never forget, is that you are my only merit

if i would decree, and all would agree
that you are God's gift to me

i love when our eyes connect and you are in my vision
when we are trapped in our own passion prison

the softness of your touch and the feel of your skin
to thuroughly describe it, i can only begin

in ways you are sweeter than any bees-made honey
and worth more than any money
i love our perfect heart's harmony

it is true, i am in more than one sense: frantic
but i am nothing more than a lovesick romantic

so to the one i adore:
te amo, mi amor

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