Tuesday, August 24, 2010

my horoscope;

You may find yourself getting sidetracked by all sorts of weird people or thoughts today -- so don't worry too much about getting all your work done. You may encounter a new idea that works well for you.

pshh, tell me about it..
i had the most horrible dream last night ever..
so now everything is botthering me.
i wish all this stuff would just stop,
all of these girls...
and my jealousy...
i've  been deprived from Nicko for so long,
and its really starting to bother me alot
and i know he hates it
he always says i'm complaining...and i am
not on purpous, cuz i dont like it..
there's just things i dont understand
and i want to know, so i ask
and i get frustrated if i dont get a straight answer
i'm one of those people who need an explanation
because if i dont get one, i'll assume the worst.
i stopped assuming the best because i was always wrong when i did that.
and i would rather be right than have my hopes shot down.

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