Monday, August 23, 2010

Poem - Untitled 7

should i stop hoping?
or maybe stop trying,
not sure what is the word,
but i should, because i'm so not little anymore.

maybe i shouldnt be so sensitive,
things aren't fair for me,
but since there is a chance that they could be,
should i not try?

i get scared and worried,
frustrated and mad and sad
and never know how to let it out
because i dont even know where i am
but i guess it can be okay to cry
for it is not my downfall,
only a waterfall
those can possess beauty,
and maybe so do i

and if i give up, i may never know
but what should i do?
it's never my way, no matter what
and i cant be walked over for my whole life,
i need to get up and take charge,
but i cant..

i cant tell you what to do
in my mind, you are still older than me
so i have to do what you say
and since i care what you think..
i cant be so mean...
and i cant say threats like
"do this or i will leave"
for the fear that you might just let me go
and it not harm you any..
and that would hurt me the most...