Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ten Days post 2 - Day 1

Day 1;  10 things you want to say to 10 different people
Day 2;  9 people who have influenced you
Day 3;  8 pictures to describe how you're feeling
Day 4;  7 things you do every day
Day 5;  6 songs you listen to on a daily basis
Day 6;  5 things you wish you could change
Day 7;  4 things you're craving
Day 8;  3 people who inspire you
Day 9;  2 books you've read and liked
Day 10; 1 symbol that represents you

1 - you'll do anything you're physically capable of doing to get me over her? ...anything? if you mean it, then you've got alot of work ahead of you...
2 - you seriously don't look like you weigh 130.
3 - stop copying me.
4 - i hate seeing your face all day.
5 - get the f*ck off of my suggested friends! i f*cking hate you! you make me want to delete my G@d D@mn Facebook!!
6 - stop talking to my boyfriend unless you want to get your ass beat. come to his house one more time. bet you i'll be there with a shank, wager being stomach or maybe your neck if i'm in that good of a mood ^_^
7 - i feel sorry for you...i'm guessing people treating you like you're foreign doesnt really help you feel at home. i'm sure that girls in your home country don't ask you to talk every five seconds xD
8 - good luck telling her about your kid.
9 - i like your hair.
10 - shut the hell up and do your work! i dont want to talk to you!!!

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