Sunday, February 6, 2011

Poem - True Love, Never Fade..

every picture is worth a thousand words
as is every tear
as i look at those many thousand words
and condense every fear

reaching out my shaking hands
just to feel your cheek
crawling and kneeling and prying my way
as i've let myself grow weak

open heart and open passage ways
to let you in, in all the ways
and then feeling the distance grow from day to day
just wishing that you don't fall away

every breathe of adoration
anxiety, hope and anticipation
the resting of of stressing mind
wishing there were good thoughts all the time

missing you is the hardest thing
i remember my permanent place under your wing
but as we walked i guess i tripped somewhere
and then you flew, high up in the air
"my angel, come back! i need you here!"
one feather dropped and landed in the hair by my ear
with a message lethargic of a paper, blank
and then my heart once again sank

my stomach turned over
my heart in my throat
wishing you don't mean it
but the words'd been spoke

small arms reach into the sky above
a cracking voice tries a prayer
the answer maybe only one can dream of

heal him

heal me

heal him

heal me

heal us

she weeps at heavens gate at God's feet
to save her love and her future, her life at its least

she loves him, cant you see?
is she special? is she beautiful?
do you love her? don't you see?
that she's hopeful, but she's hopeless
she needs help, and now she pleads
that she's weeping, that she's pained?
that she loves him and it's rained?
out all the blood, from her face?
that she needs everything in it's place?

she wants and she needs
she desires and she pleads
"true love, never fade.
please, true love, don't let us fade.."

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