Tuesday, July 12, 2011

new url! (and Google+ !)

please follow my new blog: aeridescent.blogspot.com !
it's still under construction, so beware xD nothing made forsure just yet,
it will have all of my posts from this blog and i will still leave this blog up so my links and pictures don't break.
  1. i don't go by berry anymore.
  2. the other blog is the account is attatched to my youtube account.
  3. i'm actually running out of data space on picasa web albums :| lol
  4. i think it would be a nice change :)
please re-follow! if you  follow me, i'll follow you back :)
and of course, i'll follow my friends by default <3

my aunt mayra emailed me about this! it looks pretty cool :) google's trying to bring the internet to life pretty much :) you make your profile and add your friends and family, and you can "hang out" with them, as in get everyone in a group and talk through webcam all at once! it looks fun ^_^ i cant wait to get all my family on there xD maybe tonight i can talk to my aunt ^_^ her hubby's in afganistan right now so she needs her friends and family ^_^
if you make an account you can look for me :D
email: azbaeri@aol.com

bye <3

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