Thursday, October 6, 2011

pixel requests ~ done ^^

the first one is for Lina Kim of Sparkle Apple
the second one is for my friend Salayna a.k.a Melonie Mayhem!

anyone want any pixels, please tell me!
I might make a standalone page for my pixels..

let me know if you think i should ^_^


  1. omg,,,thank you soooo very much! I'm going to put this on my blog and credit you back =D~~~ thanks Aeri <3 luvuuu~

  2. i want one!!
    sooo cute :D
    can I? :)

  3. 8D I want pixels too :3 And yes, make a standalone page ^^ I think your pixels are awesome ^^

  4. really? thanks, hihi :D

    here's my pic..
    I'm wearing the red t-shirt^^

  5. Maybe you shall make a standalone page about pixels XD I am planning to make a standalone page doodles too XD

    I would love a pixel of me if you don't mind XD Eehehehe <3


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