Tuesday, May 22, 2012

cupcake tube top [[+about my hair]]

another diy fix for an old shirt :) now its the cutest tank top ever :D
i've cut off the top, tied the sides and the back
i love it ^_^ ♥
now, for the hair~
it's hard to see in that picture,
but my hair is in buns!
it's all curly because i did it with my natural hair,
but i've done the same style with my hair straight

i woke up with this hair style 2 days ago,
i think i may have done it when i was delusional in the middle of the night, cuz i don't remember doing it, but it was cute :D
i like it better straight :)
it's a little more "me"
purple makeup :) i felt pretty
how i did it, was i sectioned off the top layers of my hair halfway up,
then twisted the long bottom layer and wrapped it around the top layer to make a little pony tail,
then put a hair band around that
maybe i'll do a video 
idk ^_^