Monday, January 7, 2013

Outfit of the day (ft. red boots!)


shirt: Rude
undershirt: Fallas Paredes
Jeans: wetseal [graffiti by Nick]
legwarmers: generic
boots: off-brand


  1. It's so cute! I love those boots!!

  2. So, Unless I'm already making my own clothes, I will pay you to like shop for me or whatever. Like, I'll give you my money, for clothes, then I'll give you money, to buy your own, or for what ever you want (hamster snake drugs) :DD

    But really, your outfits are so kick ass, I wish I could even have cute clothes to make kick ass outfits in the first place xD

    one day.... one day...

    I love those boots! Ahahaha!

    1. hahaha hamstersnake drugs xD i'm gonna photoshop or draw a hamster-snake one day just because you call me that xD

      andi'm glad you think so :D i try to be fashionable :') haha i've always had my own style inspired by just hella random things... i always hoped someone would like it one day :D


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