Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Poem - Coconut Soda (Christmas in Bed)

Coconut soda,
absent for years
a gift that nearly brought me to tears
i want to say, "if only she knew"
but this is mi hermana,
an out-of-the-norm, too
it couldn't be more thoughtful,
so unexpected, so dear
although reluctant, i still held her near
i couldn't tell what it was,
at a glance, maybe booze,
but at only 15, that possibility was shrew
i thought it was cream soda, maybe the beer of root,
but the only root here, was my heart.
ah,  n  o  s  t  a  l  g  i  a
my childhood love
my all-time favorite soda,
from an unexpected one.
we may not always get along,
but you know, times like these
remind me that we're still family
and tells me there's still a love
we say we hate each other,
but its a lie.
and it's obvious, too
still no one in my life is as thoughtful as you
it was special, it was sweet,
it was important and meaningful to me
and i hope you realize my excitement,
because my happiness is hard to find
and you found it in glass, with carbon inside.
i don't remember Puerto Rico,
but i feel as if i do,
i can love it, treasure it, taste it
and i wish i always could
it may seem minuscule,
but the littlest of things....
they're always best.
one single bottle,
green, shining glass
tastes like The Island,
and good times, alas
I'll thank you forever
and I'll never forget
coconut soda
on Christmas,
in bed.

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