Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Poem - No One

in bed, she lies; she stares
to the blank, white sky; off-white
i  n  s  i  d  e
no sun.

stepping down from her own safety suit,
cringing a her feet hit the floor, almost fearing life
o   u   t   s   i   d   e
no more.

forgetting to remove yesterday's mask,
the faded make-up, like faded energy
i   n   s   i   d   e
no thoughts.

nothing but tired, and needing more sleep
the inability, inevitably; insomnia
i  n  s  i  d  e
no rest.

mind astray. array, askew, unlike her eyes
somehow embarrassed, yet remaining unnoticed
o  u  t  s  i  d  e
no one.