Wednesday, April 10, 2013

i dont know.

 it really sucks when no one gives a real fuck about you. i've been so borderline these past few weeks and not a single person actually cares... i always deal with other people's problems but no one ever gives a damn about mine. i almost never want to talk about what i'm going through, but when i do, nobody listens. they either talk over me, give one or two word responses, or just revert back to themselves and how their problems mean so much more than mine. whether its good or bad feelings, no one gives a single, misuscule shit. and it sucks. i'm alone all the time, and its depressing. i dont hang out with or talk to guys like other girls do, so i cant hang out with girls because they're always with guys. nick is all i have, and he gets mad at me for wanting to hang out with him all the time. i just wish someone really cared. enough to just hang out with me/me & other girls and have fun. i cant expect other people to adapt to my situation and i dont. and i dont ask anyone to. i'm not even close enough to anyone to ask them to do something with me. i'm not close to anyone. they say they're close to me, but i dont feel close to them i'm not comfortable asking anyone to hang out with me. it sucks seeing all the tagged photos on facebook of all my freinds new and old hanging out with eachother, and i have to sit there and see it and be okay with it, while i sit in my room alone. if i dissappeared, it most likely wouldnt matter to anybody. nothing in life would change for really anyone. and that thought in itself is depressing. but what does it matter? it doesnt... i just might as well not care about anything. so i guess i just wont..

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