Sunday, April 7, 2013

freestyle dance/edits (radioactive by imagine dragons)

 so, this is how i dance...most people dont even know i dance now or that i ever have, but its a passion of mine. i made this video 2 days ago and put it on facebook and got some great feedback from my dancer and non-dancer why not commit social suicide and put it on youtube lol 
i'm not looking for critiques, so please dont. if you like it, say it, if you don't...well i'm not a proffessional and dont plan to be but i also get discouraged easily, and this is something im not necessarily all that confident in so anything mean you say WILL hurt my feelings haha
the original caption from the facebook post is below this, explains my dance history and what-not...enjoy it if you can
today was boring as hell. i have had this song stuck in my head for like a month and playing around with it, and figured if i were to make a video today would be the day.
not alot of people even know i dance i dont think, because i dont talk about it much. i used to be embarrassed when i was younger and quit, because i was a skateboarder
and didnt want my friends to make fun of me or think i wasnt as tough as them because i did ballet lol (even though this video isnt ballet lol but thats not the point)
well...long story short, i've been dancing practically my whole life. my mom is a dancer and choreographer, so is my god mother. this is just one of the many arts i adore, the first one i really ever exposed to on a huge level. it started with gymnastics, then ballet, with some random classes in between (jazz, tap, interpretive, contemporary, etc.) i also have other interests that i'd like to further into (bellydance, hip hop, modern, pop-lock, breakdance) and others. i've always been influenced by the people around me, the cultures i know about, the ones i'm made of, and artists that i like when it comes to dance. i quit for almost 5 years after middle school, until senior year i hadnt danced since. i started hip hop for the first time and was lost because of my ballet background...i was hoping it would help me more develope my own style and help me learn more about improvisation. if i'd tried to dance at all to this song even 2 years ago, this video would be a huge fail. i'm not the best dancer but i dont think i'm the worst...i dont know how much longer i'll be able to dance because i've had arthritis in my knees since i was maybe 10 and it's getting worse, but i'll dance as long as i can because i love it and i'll always love it.

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