Thursday, March 27, 2014

[[photos]] cemetary time!


all photos taken by nick w/canon rebel and edited by me :) got alot of good ones!

one of nick's favorites

heartagram tattoo has been spotted!

nick's other favorite!

my favorite :) don't know why, i just think it looks cool.

not bad for a close up :)

i did two edits of this one because i got a random idea,

that random idea looked pretty rad :)

legs for half a day (get it, because i'm short LOL)

I know, its bad for me, blahblahblah..

that armwarmer got febrezed the fuck out of that afternoon.

the safety pins on my jacket arent necessarily for decoration...when the collars on this jacket arent held down, they just flap around in the i have wings on my neck. which would be totally okay if i could fly with them, but i cant, so i had to calm them down xD

don't lecture me.

well thats all of them :)
this is one of my favorite shoots i've done!
my boyfriend is pretty good with a camera. 
plus, i get to showcase my style!
...and its free for me.
can't wait to shoot again!

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