Monday, August 31, 2015

♫♪ #MetalMonday - State of Emergency (Finland)

This week on Metal Monday, 
I'll be introducing you to State of Emergency!
SoE is a 6 piece hard rock band hailing from "deep in the forests" of Pöytyä, Finland, founded in 2004. I found out about this band through one of thier guitar players, Roni, who told me a bit about the band. They are very passionate about making music. They live and breathe Rock n' Roll, love being on stage and know how to please their audience...they're not bluffing either!

Here's a live video from 2013, 
preforming their song "Touch of the First Snow"
I would love to see these guys in concert!
I'm going to be that fan for a second here and say COME TO THE USA!
Hey, anything is possible with a little promotion...
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That song plus three others are on the 4 song EP they released in may titled "Freezing Nights and Rainy Days" which you can stream on Spotify and YouTube. Physical copies aren't avaailable outside of Finland, but you can purchase it on iTunes for a great price!
Here is another song from their EP, 
"Feel The Rain" featuring backing vocals by Rina Tuulia
Pasi and Rina's voices together are a match made in heaven...they fit together so perfectly, I especially love the harmony in the chorus.
I love that the lyrics are simple and easy to learn, especially for live shows it makes it much easier to really get into a show even if you don't know the band very well, you'll be singing along by the end. Their music is melodic; it's heavy but you can still dance to it which is a hard combination to master. If anyone else is familar with Scandinavian metal in particular, the tune of the songs will definitely tell you where they're from while still sounding unique. These guys definitely know what they're doing!
My favorite song from the EP is called "Fight"

Another thing about State of Emergency that I like is that they aren't afraid to show themselves off. They aren't shy at all about how much they appreciate thier fans, which evident in their blog posts written by guitarist Pasi Vuohijoki. If you don't speak Finnish, you'll have to translate it. You can tell they're happy with what they do and that their hard work over the years is paying off. 
Needless to say, I'm very happy for them!
Thanks again Roni for sharing your band with me,
now I'm doing the world a favor by sharing it with everyone I know!
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I hope you like what you hear.