Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hey there! Long time, no update...i know.
and i'm sorry! but i've been doing plenty of things in the meantime, i promise!

some of you might still be keeping up with me on facebook and twitter, or on Psychotic Reaction Radio every Saturday night. If you have, and even if you've followed this blog, you all know I became really fond of a band called Sins of Motion.

Today, SOM released a new music video for the first song off of their upcoming EP, 
titled "Mom (I'm Sorry)"
I've been supporting this band for over a year now, and i'm honored to say that I'm finally putting some of my talents to use that i haven't been able to in a very long time!

I was lucky enough to have the chance to produce the first promotional images & web banners with the new line up, and now I've created their first video release!

I'm not new to video editing, but I was definitely a little rusty since I hadn't done it in a few years, plus i purchased new video editing software. but i've gotten the hang of it a little and most of the band loved the final product! hopefully you all do as well :)

there is seriously no better feeling than someone appreciating what i do, especially the things i'm most passionate about! I haven't been able to show off something I've made in a really long time. some of you who have been following me since '09 remember my very first band shoots...i've come a very long way since then! I'm so happy I finally have something worth while to show all of you!

if you dig it, leave them a comment on their video & share it, 
and please "like" their facebook page and subscribe to them on YouTube!

you can also stream the song on Spotify and purchase it on Amazon.

i have a lot of updating to do, so i will definitely be back soon...
i promise!!

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