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Screenplay - Finding the Cure for Boredom [scene 3]

Scene 3

The 3 arrive at a beautiful lake. It was a pure blue-green. You could see the fish from the surface and its framed with cat tails and spotted with lily pads. Rae went to the stump and Ana to the clover patch. Chan sat on the other side of Rae. The sun shone bright without a cloud in the sky making the lake glimmer and shine. There was a slight breeze.

Rae: (stands on top of stump and spins) its sooo pretty!

Chan: Yes you are…

Ana: Awww (she takes out her camera and walks up to the water)

Rae: (blushes) I…uh…(bites lower lip and stares out at the water)

Chan: ( looks up at Rae and sighs) You’re pretty like the water, Rae! So pretty.

Ana: I knew he like you, Rae! (giggles)

Rae: (sits down on the stump and her blush deepens) I don’t know what you’re going on about. Besides…I’ve told you before. My heart belongs to Kellan Lutz. And when I meet him, he will realize that.

Chan: (looks away) Well, I wish you luck.( he smiles and pulls out a bag of pickles. He takes one out and bites into it)

Ana: Gimme one! ( Chan gives her a pickle) Thanks I needed to restore my muse…

Rae: (looks sideways at Chan. She suddenly pounces and grabs the pickles) My precious…

Chan: Aw…(pulls a bag out of his other pocket) Ah-ha! Look what I found!

Rae: What?! You brought more? Grrr…(stomps back to stump and angrily munches on a pickle) This…is not over, Chan.

Chan: (makes a face causing Rae to laugh) Yay! She smiles. The goddess Aphrodite has unleashed her beauty.

Rae: Chan…stop…

Chan: You’re like a sweet smelling rose…the flower of love…

Ana: WOW…well (pulls out her laptop and plugs in her camera) I’m gonna edit pictures…while you guys “talk” haha.

Rae: Ana! (glares at Chan) You’re delusional. You just broke up with Holly. You’re going through a lot.

Chan: You know what I said when I broke up with her?

Rae&Ana: What?

Chan: I said that I loved her so much that it hurt. (smiles) The I said I was constantly on painkillers and the doctors said if I didn’t stop seeing her I’d be a vegetable by the time I’m 18.

Ana: DAAAANG! I heard she was a bad girlfriend, but JEEZE! That’s amazing haha.

Rae: Wow! (pats Chan’s shoulder) I didn’t know you had it in you, old dog.

Chan: (smiles shyly) I guess…that means I’m free. (he nervously twirls the ring on his finger) Hmmm…(he takes his guitar case off of his back and starts to tune it)

Rae: Chan…I’m warning you…

Chan: Oh come on, Rae. There’s no chance you’ll actually meet Kellan. Why pass up something that’s right in front of you? Seriously, that’s the only thing about your that really irritates me.

Rae: (frowns) Well I’m sorry I prefer to live in fiction. Sometimes reality isn’t all that great! (jumps off stump and walks around lake)

Ana: Chan, what did you say to her!

Chan: I guess we’re having relationship problems…

Ana: You and Rae have no relationship…you’re just friends.

Chan: Well I guess…I guess we’re just aggravated with each other. I really like her…a lot…I’m just stuck in the “friend zone.” I guess I just killed any chance of her liking me with the Kellan Lutz comment.

Ana: Don’t worry about it, that’s just life. If she likes you, she likes you. If she don’t, she don’t I remember when I thought I was in the “friend zone’ with Chris, or I only thought I was. It turned out one day we were fighting over a rag in his car then ended up hugging and realized it could work. We’ve been going out for 6 months! If I had hope then, so do you.

Chan: Well…

Ana: (puts her finger over his lips) SHH…! SHUT IT! You have hop. Now have a pickle. (she shoves a pickle in his mouth then turns around and starts writing in her notebook.)

Chan gets up and starts walking around the stump Rae was sitting on and looked at it for a few seconds. Ana turns around and smiles as she sees him watching Rae. Rae is sitting on the dock waving a stick in the water. Clouds roll in and shade the lake. Chan sits down next to Ana.

Chan: Ana, maybe I do have hope. I’ve read books where the underdog wins…I could be that underdog!

Ana: That’s the spirit! Go get her tiger!

Chan: I’m not a tiger…I’m the UNDERDOG!!

Ana starts to howl. Chan joins her. Rae hears the howling and looks back at them confused. Chan and Ana continue to howl. Rae stands up and smooths her skirt down. She chucks the stick into the lake then walks back over to Chan and Ana.

Rae: Chan, I’m sorry—

Chan: Rae, I’m sorry—

The both stop talking and stare at each other. Ana quietly giggles. Chan and Rae open their mouths to speak again. Instead of words, laughter comes out.

Rae: Chan, I’m sorry. I overreacted…a tad.

Chan: (gives Rae a hug) It’s okay. I was kinda mean…I shouldn’t have said that.

Rae: I don’t want to fight with you, Chan.

Ana: Will you two kiss already?!

Chan: Only if she wants to—

Ana pushes Chan and Rae’s heads together. Rae pulls back quickly out of the embrace blushing deeply.

Rae: Ana! I can’t believe… And you! (she turns on Chan) How could you…(she sits down on the stump) I’m sooo embarrassed…

Ana: You’re happy and ecstatic. Shut up.

Chan: (blushes) You’re pretty when you blush…

Ana: You guys are too cute!

Chan: I can’t believe you just did that…

Ana: You liked it.

Chan: That’s beside the point. Did you, Rae? You know…like it…

Rae: No comment (smiles slightly)

Chan: She smiled! That means yes!

Rae: …I…maybe…

Chan: (picks Rae up and spins her around) Chan and Rae forever.

Rae: That might be an understatement. Chan!! Put me down, I feel like I’m going to be sick!

Ana: Maybe not forever, but how about now till whenever?

Chan: (puts Rae down) Will you? Just to see how it goes?

Rae: ( shrugs) Since you won’t stop bugging me…I guess so.

Chan: YES! Five points for Chan!


Chan: (he and Ana high five) Booyah!

Rae: Why are you two my friends? (laughs)

Chan: Because you love us and would die without us.

Ana: You know it, Rae!

Ana and Chan kiss her on her cheeks.

Ana: Hey! I think I just found the cure for boredom.

Chan: Really?

Rae: What is it?

Ana: 3! We are the cure for boredom.

Rae: (nods then puts her arms around Ana and Chan.) True. When we’re together there’s no telling what we’ll do. We’re like…like…

Chan: The Three Musketeers!

Ana: Exactly!

They all high five and hug. Then they jump up. They pose while in the air. The screen goes black.
End of Act One.

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