Wednesday, May 6, 2009

p r o f i l e ~ !


Nice to meet you!!Name: Asberry Quinones
Nicknames: Berry, Kitty, Squidget
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio - U.S.A.
Single or Taken: Happily taken by Nicko
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Place: Kabuto(JPsteakhouse&Sushi)
Favorite Drink: Root Beer
Favorite Treat: Pocky (strawberry)
Favorite Ice Cream: Japanese Mango
Favorite Blogs:
Instruments I Play: guitar, bass, piano

Hobbies: Playing instuments, Singing, Painting, Drawing, Blogging, Pixel-ing, Editing pictures, Photography, Writing, Hanging out with Boyfriend and friends, video games, concerts, staring at the wall...
Likes: music, art, nice people, open minds, Xtreme sports, funny stuff, My boyfriend♥
Dislikes: mean people, the sound of people eating, headaches, being confused, eating too much...

^_^ from xieing

from rabbito ^_^

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