Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Screenplay - Finding the Cure for Boredom [scene 1]

Scene 1

The stage is black until Ana turns on her light then the right half lights up. Ana’s room is small and dark purple studio lights over her vanity. She has a loft bed with a computer and bean bag chair underneath shaded by a beaded curtain of metallic silver. She has a large window with an easel next to it and a bookcase with all of her writing and art supplies. She has a phone on her dresser.

Ana: (climbs down from her bed after lighting her candle and sat on her vanity chair) –sighs- Summer is dumb. I can’t believe I just slept in until 8 a.m. I’m so bored…(she turns toward the mirror and looks at the phone) Maybe I should call Rae, she’s probably just as bored as I am. (she picks up the phone, dials the number and waits)

The second half of the stage lights up. Rae’s room is big. The walls are painted a cream color with a thick red and a thin black stripe going through the whole room. There’s a black desk sitting in front of two windows. Its surface is cluttered with notebooks, loose papers and pens. A laptop is buried under some papers. To the right of the desk is a bookshelf overflowing with books. There is a sofa-bed with a red and black striped mattress. A red swivel chair sits in front of the desk. A small dresser sits by the bed. A small bedside lamp and a phone sits on top.

Rae: (sitting on her couch with a notebook and a pen in her mouth) Ugh! Summer is getting to me. I have writer’s block! (takes a pen out of mouth and stares at it) Why can’t you just write your own story? ( the phone rings and she jumps. She composes herself then reaches behind her for the phone) Hello lucky caller. You have reached Rae in an immaculate mood. Beware!

Ana: Well ma’am, I’d like to order an orange chicken with fried rice…(coughs twice) Um…to go.

Rae: What?! (looks at phone) Who is this? I demand a recount!


Rae: What?! What are you—Ana! Is this you!!

Ana: I love you, Rae!

Rae: You dork. What’s up my fine, feathered friend?

Ana: Me! Because I have feathers and I can fly! Unless…unless I’m a kiwi…what about you my…I don’t know…you have scales today! How are you!

Rae: So I’m either a fish or a reptile…hmmm. Anyways, back to reality. I have writer’s block and I’m extremely bored.

Ana: Me too! Painter’s and writer’s block! I can’t even splatter paint and that doesn’t take brain power!

Rae: Wow… I do believe this is the most boring summer ever!

Ana: I agree completely. ( Ana walks into the bathroom and starts brushing her teeth out of nowhere)

Rae: Ana! What’s that noise?

Ana: Wah-wa-shee-wa-beef! (she gargles)

Rae: Chewbacca? Is that you?

Ana:Wooooo-wo-wo-why-wed-wa-wa-shee-wa-beef! Wa-weef!! Wae!!!

Rae: Maybe I should call animal care. Maybe they’ll understand…wa…wa…nese?

Ana: (spits in the sink) Rae! I said I was brushing my teeth! What about that did you nor understand? What do you mean “wa…wa?”

Rae: Um…everything? Anyways, I take it your bored since you called me and started speaking wawanese…I mean brushing-my-teeth-ese.

Ana: I was brushing my tee—anyway…what are you doing today?

Rae: I don’t know. My mom has the car…as usual. And I doubt she’ll be home anytime soon…so…I don’t know.

Ana: Well I’m home alone, my mom’s in Texas for a month for a business trip, so my sister’s at my grandma’s. I have my bike fixed… Wanna go down to the lake and restore our muse?

Rae: Hmmm…sure! I think Chan’s down there. His Myspace status says something about water. So its either there or…his bathroom.

Ana: His bathroom…he said he writes his best sings in there…Well okay! I’m ready to go so I’ll leave when you do and we could like…I don’t know meet halfway?

Rae: I’m about ready.( looks at feet) Shoes…I need shoes. (jumps off couch and grabs her shoes from under her desk) Operation Shoes, mission accomplished! Okay, I’m ready. I just need to grab my laptop and I’ll leave.

Ana: Okay, we’’ I’ll leave now…OVER AND OUT! (makes weird staticy-spit noises and hangs up before Rae has a chance to say bye)

Rae: Ok…( hears the dialtone) ANA! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU HUNG UP ON ME!! ( stops shouting when she realizes she is talking to herself. Slams down phone) Well then…I believe its time I left. ( picks up bag and unearths laptop. She walks out the door)

The stage goes black. A second later, the right side lights up as Ana opens the door to her room and walks in.

Ana: Oops! Forgot my poptart! (she grabs it and sticks it in her mouth then slams the door and it falls over) Dang it! Stupid door broke again!

The stage goes black.