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✎ ℝealityℂheck ✔ - Goodbye, Miss Bridgett ['74-2014]

i wore this to a "funeral" ...i really did.
and if you knew who the funeral was for, you wouldnt be at all surprised.
no one was surprised when they saw me, because they know me
"Berry, you had to make it metal." says Amber (alix's sister)...i love that reaction haha :)
today, i said my last goodbye to one of the most amazing women i've ever known, 
and it was hard for me, but i'm okay.

Rest In Paradise, Miss Bridgette

because of how i grew up, i call adults by thier first name with a title before it. she thought it was so strange, but accepted it. she even called my mom "Miss Debbie" to make it better :)

this woman was my long-time best friend Alix's mother.

people are truely put into your life for a reason.

Alix & I have been best friends since i was 8. i moved in next door to her that year and they embraced us with open arms. all you have to do is meet them once for them to consider you family.
through the years of our friendship, Alix and her mom showed me all new worlds.
i grew up really sheltered, and they respected that, but gave me bits of the real world in small doses at a time.
Miss Bridgette used to drive me to school with Alix, i was always at thier house, and if we werent together, we were on the phone or IMing. even when i moved, we still kept in contact and after 6 years of me moving, we're still close friends.

her mom had been sick for over a year...cancer was the culprit, and this was his 3rd offence i believe. 
Miss Bridgette is a strong woman, reminds me of my Uncle Charlie who also was taken by cancer.
they can take a lot before its too much...
but she'd been in pain for so long, and so much, and she deserved to be relieved from it.
aunt judy said she's "dancing with Jesus" now,
which just gives me a sense of relief...dancing is a happy thing.

her wish was that everyone dressed casual to her funeral and wear Mickey Mouse t-shirts. and there was a room full of us wearing them today. 
there was a slideshow with pictures, including one of her with Sebastian Bach (formerly of Skid Row/one of my all-time favorite vocalists) and fun pictures with the family
her casket was decorated with Mickey Mouse memorabilia, flowers, a photo of her beloved Bret Michaels, a wedding photo and more. 

eventually they had a portion where some of us went up and spoke, me and my mom both went up.
my mom talked about how accepting miss Bridgette was and how she always invited her to parties, and one day she finally gave in and went. Miss Bridgette offered her what my mom refers to as "Special Jello" which i assume would be a jell-o shot haha she passed, but still ended up drinking, which is nice because alot like me, my mom doesnt have alot of friends, but miss bridgette got her out and social.

after i got the courage, i went up to speak too...
this is a summary of what i said
 "that was my mom that just spoke. and this is still not seaming real. me and Alix have been friends since we were 8 years old, we were next door neighbors then across-the-street neighbors. i feel like the black sheep of the family...not really because i'm brown, (unintential black joke, i got a laugh out of that one) but because i'm not a blood relative. but they always made me feel like one. Miss Bridgette was like a second mom to me for a long time, and i want to speak on behalf of the people around our age group, that she wasnt just that to me, but to several of me and Alix's current and former friends. if she hadn't already taken one of us in, you know she'd offered. and we're all greatful for that. plus, she convinced my mom to let me go to a motley crue concert back in the 8th grade on a schoolnight and that was pretty awesome! i dont have alot of close family but i feel like i do with you, and that means alot to me"
i stopped talking because i was starting to cry.

we followed the hearse to the burial site where we had a small service and they lowered her down. afterwards we had dinner at golden corrall and then i stayed with Alix and Amber for a while.

we ate pizza and watched FMA just like the good old days. we spent countless weekends doing that together when we were younger, and it felt really nice.
except we have a new member to the crew, Alix's daughter Hailee who's just shy of a year old. one of the cutest little humans i've ever met. so cute and snuggly and full of life.
Alix says she's the glue holding her together, and i can see why.
you just can't be unhappy around her.
i can't wait to see her grow up...and her new sister or brother on the way too.
Alix had an amazing mom, and she's already following in her mother's footsteps
i hope that when i'm a mom one day, that i'll be like they are.
loving, accepting, always so positive and young spirited...just always such a joy to be around. i miss them already...and i miss Miss Bridgette too. 

from FB:

Azzy Quiñones feeling sad...but slightly better
1 hr · 
today was a long, hard, emotional day...still hasnt hit me yet. and i'm so horrible at saying goodbye, but i'm glad she's no longer in pain, and i'm thankful that i had her in my life. i got to spend the day with my "family" and best friend and just hang out like old times. i never realized how great family could be until i knew Alixx's family...they've always made me feel like one of the pack. even with my mom being as uptight as she is, and practically never trusts anyone, feels at home with them...and that says alot. you've gotta be a pretty special person if you can actually get my mom to party! haha i'm just remembering all the good times...and there's sooo many. i've known these amazing, accepting people for most of my life now. even though we lost someone, her life was celebrated today and it was a day full of fun, love and lots of mickey mouse shirts, and i know that's how she would've wanted it...beautiful people leave us with beautiful memories to keep thier souls alive with us.
it's a real party up in heaven now  Rest In Paradise, Miss Bridgette and keep serving up that "special jell-o" 

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