Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy World Goth Day! #OOTD + Make up

outfit of the day for world goth day :) 
unfiltered photo of my make up below!
 i may not be a goth, but i have a huge appreciation for the subculture. i used to be what you call a "baby bat" or "mall goth" as a middle schooler (as most of us were) and that tiny little subculture introduced me to the alternative world, some of my favorite bands, and a shit ton of great memories :)

not to mention, i can rock black lipstick like a motherfucker.
even with my hideous skin texture.
i felt pretty today :) i spent it with my best friends, Valerie and Krystal, who dressed up with me :) we pranced around the mall like we usually do, then i went to a hookah bar for the first time ever with them! and met yet another online friend, miss Katii Firecat (who's one of the most perfect people in the tri-state area, if not ever...and super fucking nice!) and she said i'm "even more adorable in person" which made me all excited xD 
↑↑ there's that unfiltered make up picture, as promised :)
off to work tomorrow and back to reality. sadface!

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