Friday, January 29, 2016

✎ RealityCheck✔-Hairbanger's Ball

finally got to Glam-out tonight to see this awesome 80's tribute band, Hairbanger's Ball. I'd heard of them but i'd never seen them. I had been thinking about going, but since i've been short on cash, i decided not to...then, my best friend messages me and invites me since her BF had free tickets! so, that was both unexpected and awesome. She even dressed up with me! her hair and her pants matched and she had on a red leather jacket, it was rad. you can find my outfit on my Twitter.
     The band was awesome, they have 3 different singers, one guy and two girls...and the girls were so adorable and could actually sing! I'm not too into female vocalists, but I loved both of them. I love that they didn't just have the female vocalists singing girls songs too. The girls sang Def Leppard and AC/DC! they sounded awesome and looked great! The male singer, who goes by "Sakk Wylde" definitely has a set of pipes on him too, he was great and the ladies definitely loved him in the audience. me and Valerie noticed when he came down to the audience, some of the ladies in the crowd definitely tried to grab him. According to their Instagram, this is Sakk's "fairwell tour" and we were the 3rd stop out of 4 :( that made me kind of sad! This was my first time seeing them, but i'd still see them again even with Sakk leaving. I'm one of those people who are really picky with covers, so i pay attention to the smallest details (especially in guitar solos) and they are definitely a top-knotch band. no wonder they're considered the best Tribute in the nation!

    There was also a little kid up in the front row that they paid extra attention to, it was so adorable. i think my favorite moment though, was when they told whoever yelled "FREEBIRD" to read between the lines haha.

   It was so awesome to hang out with Valerie, i hadn't seen her in months. we had some drinks and rocked out together, i had so much fun. we even got almost all the way to the front! I have no idea what i drank. she'd never ordered a drink at Bogart's before and just asked the bartender to make her something fruity. So the bartender gives Val this cup of bright green liquid and i was just like "i'll have whatever you just made her!" and it tasted like pineapples, so i was very pleased. i'll pretty much drink anything green, i have a reputation for that haha

one weird thing happened though...a random guy i've never met came up to me and asked to take a picture with me. i said sure, then we took a selfie, and he just went on about his business...this now happens often enough for me to be worried haha maybe next time someone does this, i should ask why...

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