Thursday, January 28, 2016

#RANT - I Love MetalSucks, I Just Hate Their Comment Section

As i go about my usual day, one thing I do is read the MetalSucks blog.

Once in every blue moon, i leave a comment (on the actual site, not usually on FB) and then i disappear again. Now, the writers themselves, i really like. Axl is my favorite, though i've noticed a lot of people hate him...especially because today, he spoke against racism in an article about Phil Anselmo (Pantera, SuperJoint Ritual, Down, PA & The Illegals)

I read the article, and of course I was a bit heartbroken because I remembered last year during the big debate about the Confederate Flag, we seemed to be on the same side. I believe another MetalSucks writer Sergent D posted what Phil & Others said in his article, also speaking against racism and recieving the same kind of backlash.

I haven't read the comments on the actual website, yet. the ignorance i witnessed on the Facebook post was enough for me (i'll embed the post below so you can click it if you want)

We've let the racist remarks of Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Down, Superjoint Ritual) slide for far too long.

Posted by on Thursday, January 28, 2016

Phil Anselmo has been called out by not only guy that took the video at Dimebash, but also Metalsucks who's mentioned that this is not the first time he's said something like this. Phil didn't apologize, said it was an "inside joke" about drinking white wine, to grow thicker skin and to go pick on someone who has a "realistic agenda." Don't know how I feel about that.

But that's beside the main point is that all year round I see metalheads online completely ignore the presence of POC while also denying that there is any racism in the Metal scene...

...and tons of it!
and that is displayed in full in the comment section.

here is the information i gathered as the more popular opinions in the comment section:

the only people who are ever uncomfortable with another persons' racist remarks are "whiney millenial bitches" and "liberals," as if there arent metal fans of color ALL over the world, and there are most definitely conservatives who aren't racist. that in itsself was ignorant...also, have you seen the metal fans in South America? they'll blow ANY scene out of the water.

In defence of Phil's racist remark, one person said that his opinion should be respected and to "handle it like adults" doing a Nazi salute and yelling "white power" is mature and logical, but calling someone out isn't? you can't say "everyone has their own opinion" then tell another person to shut up. its either both or none.

race issues are only for "hip hoppers and rappers"...oh, please. we all know what you really mean when you say that.

one person said the opposite of a RACIST is a LIBERAL. Possibly one of the most ignorant things i have ever heard in my whole life. like, please tell me they're being a troll...

there were more comments defending Anselmo/bashing the blogger than anything else, last i read.

online, they love to say "us metalheads stick together" and "nobody cares in the pit!" 

but when things like this come up and someone speaks AGAINST racism, 
they automatically have "white guilt" and want "merit badges," 
but most of all they're whiney, liberal, millenials who are bitching.

for once, i actually made a comment.

one more thing...

i understand that people don't give a shit about certain things that don't affect them, 
racism is definitely one of those things. 

personally, i don't give a rat's ass if you don't care about racism, 
just don't act like it doesn't exist.

i've been a biracial afro-latina my whole life, 
i've dealt with it my fair shair.
i'm not talking about in just the metal/alternative/rock scene, 
i'm talking about in normal every day life and little things all the time
Take it from someone who's felt it, it sucks.

it fucking sucks being a brown dot in a white world and having people try to tell you that you can't like what you like, talk how you talk, and be who you want because of your skin color. 

And it sucks seeing people defend the ones who say those kind of things.

but i'm thankful that this is being talked about and that the writers at MetalSucks aren't bigoted douchebags like some of their readers are. 

Thank you for starting a discussion, 
hopefully someone's eye were opened from it.

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