Monday, January 25, 2016

✎ RealityCheck✔-1st Update of '16

 Photobucket Hello, Internet! ...Miss me? 
i figured i owed you guys an actual update, it's been MONTHS.
but it's also been a bit rough for a life is just  it fell apart. 
Since the year has started, i've felt so low and i'm still trying to get it all together, 
but i think i'm on my way to fixing it. 
thankfully, i had a good day yesterday, so i'm feeling more like "me" again.

This Week
 segment for PRR, saw Sins of Motion again
 writing this post/applying for jobs
 taking my driving test  

if tomorrow goes well, my life is going to be so different...

driving is definitely a change i need, to get a better job, be social again, get sick less and stop missing out on everything. having transportation would open up so many oppourtunities...

i already have a car, his name is CC
Photobucket after CC Deville from Poison Photobucket
i call it "The Glam Mobile"

i hate cars and i hate, i knew the only way to feel better about it was to have a car that looks "me" and i've got it!  

 another thing "new" that i don't remember if i ever posted, i'm now the co-host of Psycho K's radio show Psychotic Reaction Radio, dedicated to all things glam metal & sleaze! So if you like 80's Hard Rock, modern Sleaze  & Glam Metal, you should definitely tune inPhotobucket it airs every Saturday night at 7:30pm (est) until 9pm on Cult Radio A-Go-Go, and i livetweet during the show, so we can interact Photobucket  

shirt: "Scandinavian Rock n' Roll" The Cruel Intentions
 basically the start of the year has been shitty because 1: was stuck inside for new years, which is a jinx. 2: got demoted at my job, then started getting only 1 shift a week. 3: because of 2, i'm broke. 4: me and Nick almost broke up, like really almost broke up, 5: as i stress about everything and try to fix it, almost everyone decides to treat me like shit, for some reason...

big combination of dumb shit, basically 

i'm hoping i can make it better, i've already had one mental breakdown...
hopefully i can fix it at least a little and have a decent birthday.
well, wish me luck, y'all 

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