Monday, March 15, 2010

2 collages


these were part of an art project, they are the inside covers of a book "sculpture" i made
i would show you the outside covers, 
but my project is in a display case at the moment
i am happy to say :)

the book's theme is love,
i was thinking of my own love when i was making it
some of the quotes if you cant read them:

first cover:
"remember that night"
"i was lucky enough to end up happy for the first time in my life"
"we seek inspiration"
"i'm fascinated by love"
"as beautiful as they look"
"a kiss is still a kiss"
"its a beautiful thing"

second cover:
"long live Love"
"let us show you hearts on fire"
"it feels right..."
"every day matters"
"as long as there are angels..."

although these are cut out from magazines,
i really did put alot of feeling into these

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