Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Poem - Thief of My Masterpiece

there you are, oh, welcome back
i see that you have come from my past to devour my future once again
i say to you please, don't do this to me, for i cant bear the pain.
what are you doing and where did you come from?
how dare you try to take what is rightfully mine?
no, i will not let you! you will not do this again!
not to me,
not again.

i see the way you can change people's minds,
molding them with your fingers, i see you have been practicing
now you have chosen the wrong subject to sculpt
i will not let you ruin this masterpiece!
this is true beauty, this is one of a kind, this is mine
this is the only thing i am unwilling to share, 
~  yet the one thing of mine everyone wishes to take

i wish you all to take my advice,
and my advice is to stop.

i am very genrous, yes, it is true...
but i would like to have this one thing to myself
my beautiful masterpiece.
my previous creation was small, 
precious, but small, and flawed
my creation had diminished within its self, but you were the help
you let the paint drip down off of the canvas
and then you laughed about it
but with this...
          with this, you can see the big picture

with this masterpiece, i will have a future
       this masterpiece will make me successful
       this masterpiece will give me something to be proud of
       this masterpiece is more important to me than any other creation of mine
       this masterpiece is my LOVE

my last creation, it fell apart,
                          it fell apart right as you entered my studio
as soon as your image fell onto my design, it could no longer be complete
your criticism was harsh and blunt
but you only criticized when no one else was around
you would look at me as if i was a friend, until all of my art supplies were away
then i was only another person for you to hurt...

do you not realize what you are doing?
if you had a beautiful creation such as mine, would you want it to ruin?
would you not care about the condition of the masterpiece its self?

and what about the beholder...
think of how the beholder of this masterpiece feels
this creation was God-sent to ME
this creation was made for ME

why must you come back?
you hurt me behind other's backs,
and the one's who's backs were turned never did a thing

you are going to give me unpleasant dreams,
i will end up drawing images onto my paper,
but not with the fluid grace of my hand,
but with the jaded rage in my heart that i will always have for you in the back of my mind

i will stand to be in your presence, but i will NOT let you ruin my masterpiece.

Art is LOVE, and LOVE is Beauty.
i have waited my entire life to hold something so spectacular,
                                                                    so beautiful,
                                                                    so perfect.

do you see this now?
do not steal from me, please.
i will beg you on my hands and my knees,
i will stay kneeling, begging to you until they are sore
please, please, do not take away my masterpiece.
i will not punish you for your wrong doings,
but i will silently scorn you for the rest of your days

do you now feel my desperation?
i am now weeping at your feet!
stay away and keep away, i cannot let you do this

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