Thursday, March 18, 2010

Poem - Spring Mourning

spring is nice, or at least the weather
it doesn't mean your mood has to be the same
even when its sunny, in my mind, it still rains

i've grown so tired and bothered that its starting to really hurt
but at least now, i can wear my favorite shirts without being cold
 or at least not cold on the outside

my frustration has gotten so strong that it is pushing me to the edge,
i never really thought i would be at the tip of a cliff like this
now i have one desicion: to jump off
                                      or keep myself up

i'll think about which one seems to be the better choice
although not one looks better than the other at the moment
so i will let you decide for me, when you decide to come back
                                                    if you decide to come back

i'll sit on my doorstep and watch the cars pass by,
just a way to pass the time. but i know you wont drive by
i'll really be watching the grass hoping maybe a bug will jump out

  i want to see butterflies
i want to have butterflies

but i don't want the rain

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