Monday, March 22, 2010

Poem - Thank You, Love

thank you for being here
and working this out with me
it shows me how much really care about me
by saying you want to fix it

i want you to know how much i really appreciate you
i will continue to give you all of me
i will continue to give you all of my love

you deserve it for doing this for me

just the thought of you doing something this thoughtful fills me with joy
it means so much to really means more than you think

most wouldnt do this, they would just give up
but you...when you said you wouldnt give up on me, you were serious
and you have shown me. this has made me love you even more

kiss me
hold me
hug me
love me

you're perfect, and now i remember

stay with me and i will continue to do my best for you
hug me so my face can turn red again, then kiss it
i will always kiss you back
let me lay on you and be at peace again

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