Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Poem - Nightmare Summary, Goodnight

i am feeling distant and pushed away
slowly but surely, my perfect life has gone array
i did not want this, my nightmare, to exist
dreams should only be dreams
they should stay buried within the depths of sleep

i am lost and i am losing
i am hurt and i am hurting
i am cursed yet still cursing
   and i do know that this is wrong,
   nor do i mean to do so

kneel beside me, for i am ill
use every tool you can find and think of to try and fix me
teach me to float before i drown in my sorrows,
   for i long to see a life ahead

look into my eyes, do you see the blank stare?
it is almost as if i am not there...
from every scornful and burning glare,
i take them all in, but they tear me down

i am thinking of wandering into a familiar place,
and i wil follow the blue mouse there
i'll lay down and lok at the stars with the wind curling into my hair
she'll lay beside me and attempt to speak
although, she knows i hardly understand

i want to sleep and have sweet dreams as i did before
but this time, i would prefer to stay in my dream world

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